Smart Activity Sensor

The name Sentinare is coined from Sentinel and Care, meaning that it’s a guard to take care of your loved ones.

By detecting and analyzing human activities, Sentinare can show health trends and send alerts when emergencies, such as falls, are detected. It’s an ideal smart activity sensor for senior care, home health monitoring, and telehealth.

Respecting privacy is fundamental to us, which is why only stick figure data are transmitted, instead of videos.

Typical Applications

Taking care of seniors in all settings, from aging at home to long-term care

Remote monitoring of patients with chronic or behavioral diseases

Managing the services of home care workers

Privacy Protection

Privacy-preserving stick figures are transmitted instead of videos, allowing the sensor to be placed anywhere in the home

Sentinare App

Using the Sentinare app, manage your Sentinare sensors, receive notifications and much more

Key Features

Stick-Figure Streaming & Recording

Watching real-time stick-figure streaming from the app, or recording the stick figures on the cloud for playback

Activity Recognition & Analytics

Recognizing simple activities in the sensor, and complex activities on the cloud. Collecting statistics, and identifying patterns

Region-of-Interest Monitoring

Defining where, whom, and what to monitor, such as sending alerts when a dementia patient tries to leave a safe area

Fall Detection & Risk Assessment

Detecting falls, and performing fall risk assessment to prevent falls

Hand-Waving Detection

Allowing people to seek help actively by waving their hand in front of the sensor

Face Recognition

Using face recognition to enable individual statistics and monitoring

Voice Call

Checking the conditions of loved ones via VOIP calls

Guest Accounts

Invite secondary users to receive emergency alerts but have limited access to sensitive features

API Integration

Cloud API for B2B partner integration and further development

Online Order (US and Canada)

Sentinare: 1-Pack

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Sentinare: 3-Pack

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      Subscription Pricing

      Simple and affordable. The Home User subscription will be available in the Sentinare app soon.



      • 3 days  Stick figure recording
      • 14 days  Alert history & playback
      • 14 days  Person activity statistics
      • People detection
      • Action recognition
      • Face recognition
      • Fall detection
      • Fall risk assessment
      • Waving hand detection
      • Region-of-interest monitoring
      • Real-time stick figure streaming
      • 2-Way audio communication
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      Home User Subscription

      $10 / mo

      • 90 days  Stick figure recording
      • 90 days  Alert history & playback
      • 90 days  Person activity statistics
      • + All features in the Basic plan
      • Supports up to  10 devices

        *For institutions requiring many devices, please contact us
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      Doug G.

      Doug G.

      Expert on assistive technology for seniors

      "You have a stunning, versatile, and beautifully engineered product. I am very impressed by the reliability and simplicity of the App, and the flawless results."

      Frank E.

      Frank E.

      Reviewer of tech-enhanced life

      "Sentinare is very useful for monitoring activities of daily living. Most seniors spend their time either in bed or on an easy chair. It would be really useful to track that for caregivers and giving them friendly guidance. "

      Digitized House

      Digitized House

      The Guide to the Connected Home

      "Smart technologies are helping persons with disabilities to experience that feeling of autonomy and security in their own homes. Products in this space include the Sentinare 2 Smart Sensor."


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