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Welcoming Dr. Ye Lu, our new CTO

6th October 2017 - Andrew A.
Vancouver-based artificial intelligence and computer vision startup company AltumView Systems Inc. announced that industry veteran Dr. Ye Lu will be joining the company as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), responsible for setting the company’s vision and strategic direction, as well as leading the company’s product development.
Dr. Lu brings over 15 years of highly successful product development experience in image processing and computer vision. He has worked at various top software and multimedia companies and has a proven track record of developing world-class products:

• Back in 1997, he pioneered a procedure to generate animation with inverse kinematics at video game company Radical Entertainment Inc.

• During his PhD studies at Simon Fraser University, he visited Microsoft Research Asia, and worked on image retrieval with Dr. Kai-fu Lee and Dr. Hongjiang Zhang, both are world-renowned pioneers in this field.

• At Business Objects (acquired by SAP, the world’s third largest software company), he was instrumental in setting up the architectures of the company’s backend servers and workflow engine.

• At Electronic Arts (EA), one of the world’s largest gaming companies, he led the development of various Nintendo DS and Wii games, including Family Play for EA Madden, and EA Active. The latter was EA’s best-selling Wii title, with 1.8 million units sold in its first quarter, and was the start of the rigorous/calorie tracking trend.

• In 2008, he co-founded and served as the CEO of GhostBird Software Inc. The company quickly developed several top-rated apps on iOS, including PhotoForge2, the first Photoshop-style editing app on iOS, and KitCam, which was a professional camera app that has even better performance and more powerful features than Apple’s built-in camera app. KitCam was featured as App of the Week by Apple, was ranked as the No. 1 photography app in 38 countries and No. 2 paid app overall, and was also the first major app to take advantage of iPhone’s GPU for image processing.

• In 2013, GhostBird was acquired by Yahoo. After joining Yahoo, Dr. Lu completely re-architected Yahoo’s previous version of the Flickr mobile app, improving its rating from 2.5 stars to 4.5 stars, and pioneered the application of several deep learning-based face recognition features for the app. Yahoo’s acquisition of GhostBird was highly praised by the Macworld magazine.

Founded in April 2016, and was backed by two world-class research teams from Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia, led by Prof. Jie Liang and Prof. Jane Wang respectively, AltumView has quickly assembled a strong team with about 20 R&D engineers (half are PhDs), establishing itself as a superior player in the fields of deep learning and computer vision in Vancouver. The company also has a 10-people branch in Shenzhen, China. AltumView will be releasing a series of intelligent vision products using the latest deep learning technologies, including:

• A face recognition system with world-class performance, trained by its own large-scale face database and unique data processing and cleaning-up algorithm pipeline.

• Intelligent cameras on different embedded platforms such as NVIDIA and HiSilicon.

• A video analytics platform that integrates features such as faced detection/recognition/verification, pedestrian detection and tracking, crowd analysis, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, and general object detection and classification.

• Navigation and object tracking algorithms for drones.

• A time-of-flight camera that provides real-time accurate 3D distance measurement.

• Cameras and tools for medical image analysis.

Dr. Lu fills a critical role in AltumView and will significantly accelerate and broaden the company’s product definition and development, and meanwhile ensure that the company’s products have the best quality, demonstrating the company’s strong commitment in designing and developing state-of-the-art products for its customers.

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