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The Grads of AltumView 2018

1st June 2018 - Andrew A.
Summer is in full swing, and incidentally, so are university convocations. Following UBC’s convocation ceremony, we would like to recognize the four members of AltumView who have just graduated (some for the second time).

Pegah Kharazmi

Pegah graduated from the Biomedical Engineering program with a PhD. She studied the role of cutaneous vascular structures in the diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of skin lesions. She developed a computer-aided technology to analyze cutaneous vessels and identify skin abnormalities in an early stage. Her work helps patients and healthcare professionals effectively screen for skin disorders, which will ultimately save lives and reduce healthcare costs.

Jiannan Zheng

Jiannan graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering program with a PhD. He proposed a series of deep learning methods to tackle real world bioinformatics problems. He found that by introducing prior expert knowledge, realistic synthetic data and domain adaptation, the data limitation in many bioinformatics problems could be overcome. His work benefits applications including disease diagnosis, patient monitoring and computer aided interventions.

Chendi Wang

Chendi graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering program with a PhD. Her thesis was on the use of computational methods and machine learning to study the anatomy and function of the human brain from multiple modalities.

Xiang Liu

Xiang graduated with a BSc. in Computer Science and Statistics. He is interested in machine learning, data mining, and computational neuroscience. Before coming to AltumView, he worked for NINET Lab at the UBC Hospital, conducting research mainly on brain imaging analysis and clinical data mining.

Congratulations to these four on their graduation at UBC!