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New Batch of Fresh Grads of AltumView 2018

15th June 2018 - Andrew A.
Fresh off the heels of the UBC convocation, AltumView welcomes another batch of new grads from both SFU and UVic. We are immensely proud of all of them and we wish them success in their future careers. Without further ado, let’s welcome the newest batch of graduates.

Adrian Fettes

Adrian graduated with a BASc in with a Major in Systems Engineering, and a Minor in Computer Science. With studies focused on electronics and low level software, he hopes to work with and design embedded systems. Before coming to AltumView, he completed co-op semesters at both SAP in Vancouver for software, as well as at Linear Technology in the SF Bay area, designing ultra low power digital hardware.

Chao Shen

Chao Shen graduated from the Mechanical Engineering program with a Ph.D. His thesis is on optimization-based motion control design for underwater robotic systems. His work reveals the possibility of leveraging online optimization to improve control performance while ensuring important properties of the closed-loop system theoretically. His work serves as a bridge connecting modern optimization theory and conventional feedback control technology, and is expected to have a long-term impact in the control system society and robotics world. He published five papers in top journals and five papers in flagship conferences during his PhD.

Rui Ma

Rui Ma graduated from the Computing Science program with a PhD. His thesis is on the analysis and synthesis of 3D indoor scenes. His research is at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and robotics, with the long-term goal to integrate geometry, structural, semantic and functional information into the intelligent visual systems. He has co-authored three SIGGRAPH papers during his PhD.

Cyrus Chan

With strong interest in computer technology, Cyrus has obtained his Bachelors of Applied Science degree from SFU with concentration on Computer Engineering. He has previously worked at Global Relay Communications as a QA and as a software developer for a messaging archive system. Academically, he has participated multiple projects including a system for fall detection, AI with Unity, and a real time web chat application. Currently at AltumView, he is a software developer for our smart home products.

Congratulations to these four on their graduation at SFU!