Firmware Release Notes

Firmware Releases

To update a sensor’s firmware, if applicable, click the Update Firmware button in the sensor page of the Sentinare app. If updating from a very old version, the process may go through multiple updates. Leave the sensor powered on and connected to a stable WiFi.

Most updates should finish within 5 minutes. If the sensor blinks blue for an excessive amount of time, it is safe to replug the power to restart the sensor, in case it is stuck downloading. The sensor will resume the download and update automatically.

DateMay 11, 2022
VersionsSentinare 2: US-0.1.205 (US), CA-0.1.205 (Canada), CN-0.1.205 (China)
Cypress: No change
App: 2.8.71
Bug Fixes Properly wipe network configuration and alerts during removal from the account
No longer send a “connect” message to the server after subscribing to MQTT
Fixed a LED blinking yellow issue after factory reset (rare)
Improvements IR mode tuned and night vision works better
Delay BLE advertisement by 10 sec
LED color is less confusing during manual factory reset, turns to purple instead of red
LED dims based on ambient lighting
New FeaturesN/A
DateMarch 7, 2022
VersionsSentinare 2: US-0.1.184 (US), CA-0.1.191 (Canada), CN-0.1.186 (China)
Cypress: No change
App: 2.8.48
Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where uncalibrated sensors would treat the entire screen as a floor and send unwanted fall alerts
Wifi setup sound chime plays at correct moment now, instead of after setup
Alert sound chime works when enabled
Night Vision Auto mode works now
Fixed random white LED flash due to corrupted configuration
Added configuration migration to reduce conditions that requires a factory reset
Various fixes to WiFi/BLE handlings of concurrent events
Improvements Optimized microphone and speaker volume a bit, introduced packetization time of 10ms
New FeaturesN/A

DateDec. 20, 2021
VersionsSentinare 2: US-0.1.182 (US), CA-0.1.184 (Canada), CN-0.1.189 (China)
Cypress: US-0.9.274 (US), CA-0.9.287 (Canada), CN-0.9.277 (China)
App: 2.7.54
Bug FixesSentinare 2:
Fixed the bug that face recognition sometimes does not work
Fixed some WiFi connection bugs
Fixed some stick figure recording bugs
New Features Added low-light mode to both Cypress and Sentinare 2

DateNov. 15, 2021
VersionsSentinare 2: US-0.1.177 (US), CA-0.1.182 (Canada), CN-0.1.177 (China)
Cypress: No change
App: 2.7.46
Bug FixesSentinare 2:
Fixed flipped view bug in normal installation
Fixed setting up WiFi bug for iPhone 6/6s/7 with iOS 12
Fixed color distortion problem
New Features• Voice call is enabled
• Fall risk assessment is enabled

DateJul. 20, 2021
VersionsCypress: US-0.9.271 (US), CA-0.9.285 (Canada), CN-0.9.275 (China)
App: 2.7.20
Bug FixesCypress:
• Various bug fixes, such as in fall risk assessment.
New Features• Added stick figure recording/playback feature in the sensor page
• Added device online/offline status in the Room page
• Added people and device status summaries in the Dashboard page

DateMay 2, 2021
VersionsCypress: US-0.9.268 (US), CA-0.9.280 (Canada), CN-0.9.273 (China)
App: 2.5.27
Bug FixesVarious bug fixes
Improvements• Updated the Rooms page to allow easier navigation between rooms and sensors
• Added Switch Account description
• Updated Add Person part
New Features• Rebranded the App and sensor names to Sentinare

Please refer to the user manual in the Support Page for older records.