Three-Pack Sentinare 2 Smart Activity Sensors

$779.97 $479.99

399.99 USD/479.99 CAD

Three Sentinare 2 smart activity sensors, with six months of free subscription and free shipping. Recommended for greater coverage.

Shipping in summer 2021.



Pre-ordered products will be shipped in summer 2021.

Free Feature List:

  • People detection
  • Action recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Fall detection
  • Fall risk assessment
  • Waving hand detection
  • Wandering detection
  • Region-of-interest monitoring
  • Real-time stick figure streaming
  • Two-way audio
  • 14-days alert history
  • 14-days stick figure alert clip playback
  • 14-days activity statistics

Subscription Plan Feature List (6-month free for pre-order customers):

  • One month of stick figure recording
  • Longer alert history and statistics
  • Historical data report and analytics

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