Follow the step-by-step guide below to install your new Sentinare Visual Sensor.
For more detailed information on Sentinare and its features, please download our User Manual below:
Sentinare User Manual
Step 1: Install the Application
If you have an iPhone, click on the following button to redirect to the App Store:
If you have an Android, click on the following button for Android installation:
Step 2: Install the Visual Sensor
  • Install the Sentinare Visual Sensor at a height of about 2 meters from the ground and tilt it down so that it can monitor most of the floor in the room.
  • Then power up and wait for about a minute until the LED starts to flash white, indicating that the sensor is ready to be added to the system. See the installation instructions for details.
Step 3: Create an Account
  • On the application, tap the "Create an Account" on the front page.
  • On the “Sign Up” page, tap the pencil icon to choose a server location. Currently there are three servers: Canada, United States, and China.
  • When a sensor is sold, its serial number is added to the white list of one of our servers, based on the country of the customer. If for some reasons, a customer needs to change his/her server, please contact us so that we can add the sensor’s serial number to the new server.
  • Fill in name, email, and password, and tap the “Sign Up” button. The email address and password are required for future login. The password should have at least 8 characters and include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one digit, and one special character.
Step 4: Add your Visual Sensor
  • To register your new visual sensor, click on "1st Floor", beneath "Areas". Then press "Room 1" beneath "Zones".
  • You should now see an “+Add Device” option. Press this to add a new sensor in the selected zone, and the system will search and list all nearby devices.
  • After adding your sensor, the App will set up the WiFi for the sensor. The app will first show available WIFI networks. By selecting your WiFi network and entering its password, the LED on the sensor will first turn to red, then change to yellow and blue, and eventually show a steady green light. After that, this sensor will appear in the list of sensors in the selected zone.
Step 5: Calibrate your Visual Sensor
  • The device must be calibrated to detect the floor/bed/sofa etc. in the zone before it can detect falls correctly. When the device is first added to an account, it will do a calibration automatically. Make sure that no people are in the view of the sensor during the calibration.
  • To update the calibration, tap the “Auto Calibrate”, the algorithm will automatically take a new background image and run the calibration algorithm to it, which will take a few seconds.
Step 6: Add People
  • To add a person, tap on "+ Add Person" at the top of the “People” page. The App first needs to get a face image of the person from the camera or from the image library, as shown below:
That's it!
When Sentinare detects abnormal events such as falls, waving for help, and violations of restricted regions, it will automatically send an alert to your mobile phone app.
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